What are the best kids gifts this holiday season?

Well, Novel Ensemble’s got them right here!

Get their imagination going instead of the bells and whistles with our top picks for the best gifts for kids this holiday.

So whether you’re a parent fed up with too much plastic junk, or the best auntie on the planet, the kids in your life will love these gifts. (I think you will too)



First up, our selection of Sigikid soft toys. These guys are amazing. The Sweety plush toys are perfect for kids of all ages. Lions, bears, unicorns and more; in soft fabrics and faux furs. The kids that tested our selection were 3 and 5 years old and loved every single one of them.

The Beast Town collection is probably not a hands on toy for an infant but definitely hits the mark for older toddlers all the way up to grandma. Giving a toy from the beasts collection, like my personal favorite “Doc Nightmare” is certainly giving an heirloom piece that will be loved and passed down for year to come.


Jaq Jaq Bird

Coloring on Jaq Jaq bird chalk book

We LOVE Jaq Jaq Bird! These reusable chalk books keep the kids busy for hours. Long car rides. Long restaurant waits. You name it, we’ve pulled these out. The special dustless chalk makes it a no mess art project perfect for on the go. We happen to carry them in 3 different prints that will make anyone happy.

They also make a chalk mat, blank on one side and a coloring page on the other. Love LOVE love! We’re calling this one an age 3 and up toy, based on the manufacturers recommendation. The teenagers in our house can’t help themselves from drawing in them too, when we leave them unattended.

My Family Builder

Family builder magnets

My Family Builders is a fantastic way to bring diversity to play. The magnet set is a great way to keep toddlers and preschoolers occupied and thinking. Create families of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Our kids loved to use them on a cookies sheet as a stand-alone activity, but they are also great for the refrigerator or any other magnetic surface.

My Family Builders also comes in a 32 piece block set that is completely amazing. Stack and mix and match all day long (and sometimes the kids do). The magnets hold the little people together so they can be used in the biggest block castles or little doll houses. Beware, these fun little folks may find themselves underfoot all over-in the best of ways. Our kids don’t like to ever stop playing with them!

Eco-Kids Crayons

I mean, it’s not even fair. Eco friendly crayons that are shaped like sea stones. The color is actually really vivid for being a natural dye. They are smooth writing and easy to hold. And at less than $10 for a bag, they’re the perfect size and price for every stocking on your list. My kids tested and approved, they pretty much use them every day.


So whether its soft toys, or learning games, we have you covered with our top tech-free picks in every price range.

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